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Our Mission Statement.

SmartEn Sports Academy will serve students in grades 8-12 aiming to close the achievement gap in sports training, vocational training, and college readiness in underrepresented communities. SmartEn Sports will expose youth and young adults to specific fields (STEM, business, vocational trades, and criminal justice), sports specific personal training, and personal/professional development. We also offer a “Transitions Track” which will provide a platform for students who have not satisfied the criteria for academic promotion. 
SmartEn Sports Academy Vocational Track provides a platform for students
SmartEn Sports Academy’s Forensic Science Track will focus on using
SmartEn Sports Academy’s Entrepreneurship track will focus on the basic
Criminal Justice
SmartEn Sports Academy’s Criminal Justice Track will focus on the

We’re SmartEn
Sports Academy.

SmartEn Sports Academy is a faith-based program dedicated to providing a well-rounded curriculum that facilitates the learning for students who may face challenges in traditional school settings. SmartEn sports academy provides a holistic approach to learning that will facilitate the high school to post- secondary transition offering several tracks for students to identify their interests (STEM, Criminal Justice, Entrepreneurship, and Vocational) . Our 1:15 student to teacher ratio ensures that each student gets the individualized attention they need for success. The resources we provide for our students will give them the ability to have professional training on site and hone in on their natural abilities.

This program is ideal for students who:

  • Desire to learn
  • Desire to play sports
  • Need individualized attention
  • Do not satisfy the criteria for promotion
Since 2021

Team Leadership

Dr. Alice Boone Perez

Founder & President

Dr. Alice Boone-Perez is a STEM enthusiast and former collegiate athlete dedicated to student athlete success. Alice believes that it is vital for student athletes to understand that a commitment to both academic excellence and fundamental athletic abilities are the building blocks for ensuring a prosperous future. As a former collegiate softball player, Alice is a living testament to where academics and athletics can take you. In high school, she played both basketball and softball. Alice played for a travel softball team in Lithonia, Georgia (Brown’s Mill Lady Jackets). This team was based in an underserved community. Alice immediately realized the athletic resources that were available to her (hitting coaches, personal training), most of her teammates did not have access to due to financial challenges. This life experience resonated with her. In 2011, Alice accepted a full ride to Claflin University to play softball. She received several scholarships (MLBRBI for RBI Scholarship, Academic Incentive Award, Claflin University Softball) which allowed funding for not only tuition, but books and housing as well. During her collegiate softball career, she served as the team captain for two years and earned several accolades including SIAC First Team All-Conference. After graduating from Claflin University, she proceeded with her graduate studies at Florida International University in which she pursued her PhD in Chemistry as a McKnight Doctoral Fellow. Through Alice’s matriculation at FIU, she realized the significance in closing the opportunity gaps in underserved communities both academically and athletically. Hence, SmartEn Sports Academy was founded.

Ahzin Bahraini

Director of Post Graduate Affairs

Ms. Ahzin Bahraini has years of experience working with high school and undergraduate students.  She examines equal access to educational opportunities among marginalized youth. In 2019, she started Ketáb, a 501c3 non-profit that provides free college readiness services to students in Miami Dade and South Florida. Her work incorporates research, service, and resources to address youth inequity through a comprehensive and interdisciplinary approach that provides evidence-based solutions to achieve equity in education. Ahzin is currently a PhD candidate at the University of Miami.

Charles Pearson

Head Football and Track & Field Coach

Coach Charles Pearson is a native of Miami, Florida where he attended Hialeah High School and played football, baseball, ran track, and wrestled. Pearson’s College Career began at Suny Morrisville State in New York and he finished at Minnesota State University in International Falls, Minnesota with a degree in Child Psychology. Coach Pearson played in several professional leagues including the Canadian Football League (CFL) and Continental Indoor Football League (CIFL),He returned to Florida in 2006 to play in the Next Level League under former New York Giant Clifford Tubbs. Coach Pearson has been coaching for over a decade and has impacted student athlete lives significantly with his mentorship skills.

Educational Platform


Acellus Academy is a K-12 online private school located in Kansas City, Missouri. The school is owned and operated by the International Academy of Science, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.


  • Prioritize
  • Peak
  • Play
At SmartEn Sports Academy, we believe:
Student Athlete. Student First”
Meaning, although we encourage students to love their craft and desire to prefect their skills, we expect the same enthusiasm towards their academic performance.
At SmartEn Sports Academy, we believe that “Genius is Common.”
Through our curriculum, our coaches lead our students to find their “genius” through the multiple tracks offered. We aim to create a space in which students are incentivized to perform well in the classroom and peak on their potential prior to transitioning into the real world.
We value the life lessons learned playing sports. The approach, attitude, and adaptability of each student athlete is practiced daily which are skills essential for everyday life.

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